During our lives, people will enter for a reason and for the time they have to stay, just passing through for a certain period or to accompany us until the end. The important point is to decipher who will be who, so you will know why they are with us at that moment.

Let’s start with those who come for a single reason, usually, those are the people who arrive in times of a need and normally we were already asking that someone will come and help us in difficult times, give us their guidance and support, in whatever we need at that time. For those who believe in a God, it will seem as if He had sent them Himself to us, and so it is.  After the storm, without anything bad happening or without having failed at something, these people will say or make the meeting end;  sometimes die, other times will leave and other times act in a way that makes us the ones who finish that meeting. What we must rescue and capture is that our need was covered and our desire given, and that their purpose has finished, our prayer was heard and answered, and we have to go ahead.

There are other people who arrive at a certain time of our lives. It is a moment in which it’s our turn to learn, grow, share, bring a peaceful experience, and maybe, they come to teach you something you’ve never done before.  Usually they will give you an incredible amount of joy, believe it! Because it is real but, that will be only for a certain period of time.

The relationships of a lifetime will teach us life lessons; things we have to build on so we get a strong emotional base. Our job is to take that lesson, love that person, and put into practice what we learned in all our other relationships and areas of our life and so, getting to see it in retrospect and from now on, we will see our lives as they have to be, a spiritual growth, a path with total success in what we have touched and will touch to get from it the best possible. Go ahead!

~ Natasha U-S Thomas

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